Chart Talk Speech Recognition Service - Speech recognition in the Cloud. Available whenever - wherever you are - without any software to installChart Talk Speech Recognition is available on any computer, any time, anywhere you go – simply though an internet connection. No more need for installing software, carrying user profiles around on USB drives or limited installations. Click here to find out more and see Chart Talk SR in action!

Chart Talk Electronic Health RecordChart Talk Electronic Health Record is the only EHR specifically designed for speech recognition and fully-certified for Meaningful Use. Chart Talk’s intuitive design lets you start demonstrating Meaningful Use and using speech recognition software on day one. Want to know more about Chart Talk EHR? – Click here

Chart Talk Hosts your database and makes it accessible wherever you have an internet connection.Chart Talk Hosted Services gives you the choice to simplify your I.T. needs and increase the mobility of your EHR. Subscribing to Chart Talk HS lets allows you to put the focus back on the patient. Connect to your patient data from anywhere with an internet connection. Click here to find out more about Chart Talk HS.